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12-03-00 Whew! Finals week! Earliest update will be possibly this Thursday. Added some new pics to the gallery, check em out. If you can't access the gallery, please e-mail me as Tripod claims to have fixed my CGI server problems, in reality they are the same as before! I also added a new member.
11-24-00 I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! I added a new member, and I'm adding heavily to the markers page. See any info on there that I still need? Just e-mail me!
11-7-00 Today I added another new member! :) I'm also doing some scripting, so that I can put a few more features on the site, including a calendar for members to list their upcoming tournies and games.
11-4-00 I added the EM-1 to the markers page. I also added a new member!