Finally, somewhere for bird lovers to chat in real time! #TheBirdRoom is an IRC chat channel. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. There are hundreds of IRC networks and servers, but we've made it easy to find #TheBirdRoom by hosting it on DALnet.

   How can I chat? It's easy! You can use our Java chat client and start chatting now! Or, you can download mIRC, a popular chat client for IRC. If you intend to do a lot of chatting, or want to check out some other rooms on DALnet (there are thousands!), you should download mIRC. The Java applet will ask you for permission to run! If you don't want to grant permission, or somehow think this is unsafe, then download mirc from

   When can I chat? Anytime, anyday. The channel is always open! There are loosely scheduled chats once a week, you will be more likely to find people on then.

All birds and their owners are welcome. This is not a species specific chat. Any bird, any related topic!

Start chatting now!

We love Up At Six! They are a great site, they have message boards for all birds, a wonderful classifieds section, and more! We encourage you to post your questions there.

   Interested in becoming a channel operator? Channel operators have the ability to change the topic, kick, and ban offending users. Contact Suzzie. As the channel grows, more information will be added to these pages, including links and user bios!