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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

Have you visited the breeding journal page? It has information on the clutch setup date and more!

Current Clutch: Trix (Baby #1)


At 15 days. The bit of food around the mouth is from our first co-parenting feeding. At 17 days. At 19 days.
At 20 days. An aerial view of Trix in the brooder. At 20 days. Trix just chills in his/her new environment. At 21 days.
At 21 days. Trix's feathers are coming in nicely. At 22 days. Trix looks more like a real bird now. :) At 24 days. Trix is on the left, with FL on the right. They're learning to perch!
At 25 days. Trix is on the right, with FL on the left. They graduated to the top perch and are learning step-up. At 25 days. On the top perch. At 26 days. Every time I take his/her pic, it seems like s/he wonders what I'm doing and why.
At 27 days. Trix perches on the millet while Pop Tart takes a nap. At 28 days. The babies are weighed everyday before their first feeding. At 30 days. Perching on my finger for the camera.
At 30 days. Trix just took his/her first flight! At 31 days. At 33 days. Apparently, Trix is deep in thought.
At 33 days. A close-up headshot. At 34 days. Trix looks around, deciding where to fly to. At 37 days.
At 43 days. The 'regal' look.    


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