Suzzie's CRF250X

    Well, here is my new ride... I brought him home on March 9th, 2004 from River Front Honda in Gallipolis, OH. His name is Charlie Runs Fast. All my 4 strokes are guys, my 2 stroke was a gal. Unfortunately, I still have my 2 stroke, but she's for sale. She's a 1998 CR80RB, fresh top end, if you're interested. :D

    Here are a few views of my baby:
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View 2
View 3

    Now, there are no short dirtbikes of any kind that have a great amount of power. I was in a hard place, because while I do love 4 strokes, I loved the get up and go of the 2 stroke. The compromise was a racing 4 stroke. Since Yamaha makes their bikes tall enough you need a stepladder, I opted for the new CRF250X, which among other things, is really light and has e-start. However, it still was a good 3"-4" too tall. So, it was sent to AAT Performance Products and Engineering. For the mere price of $431, they agreed to put in softer shocks and cut a ring or more off to give me the same spring tension, but a reduced height.

    Unfortnately, we don't have a real bike stand. We usually use a chair. Charlie didn't want to sit on the chair though, so my "friends" decided to improvise. This is our hillbilly bike stand: Hillbilly bike stand

    I cringed. I think Charlie did too.Anyhow, here's how it worked: Hillbilly bike stand 2

    It actually worked really well and we were able to just pull the bike whereever we wanted it to be. But still, I cringe. I think I might buy a proper stand. Because that's just really sad. Putting an expensive bike on a milk crate!

    If you ever wondered what a CRF250X looks like without most of its parts, here ya go, what it looked like after we raped it of its shock and forks: Missing a few key components

    All to get these parts!! (ignore the muffler) Shocks

    I'll keep the page updated with what it looks like when the suspension gets sent back... the guy has a two week turnaround time, which should work out just right for the opening of the trails on April 1st! It's great because it's a reversible process. I think the bike is gonna look stupid, but at the same time I don't care, because it is an awesome bike and it's not my fault the manufacturers think everyone is seven feet tall!

    That's all for now, folks!