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Hen's name: ScramblesCock's name: Captain
Hen's Mutation: Normal GreyCock's Mutation: Normal Grey split to Pearl
Clutch #4Nestbox Added: 8/27/03Mating Began: 8/27/03
Date LaidDate HatchedBand Number
9/05/03 9/22/03 NACS SUZ 1 03
9/07/03 9/24/03 NACS SUZ 2 03
9/09/03 9/26/03 NACS SUZ 3 03
9/11/03 9/28/03 NACS SUZ 4 03

Date Comment
8/27/03 Immediate, and I do mean immediate, beeline for the nestbox. I guess that year of rest really did the two some good. :)
9/05/03 First egg laid today! Scrambles is looking quite well, and the egg is nicely formed and kind of big too!
9/07/03 Scrambles is sitting VERY tightly on the eggs, it seems nothing will entice her to leave the nestbox!
9/22/03 The first baby hatched just a few hours ago! It took me by surprise, as I didn't expect the little fella for another few days. As I said, Scrambles has been sitting very tightly on the eggs, if I didn't actually look in the nestbox everyday, I'd never see her!! Everything looks normal for the rest of the eggs and the little chick too. I added an extra water bowl today for Scrambles to soak her feathers in (to increase the humidity of the nestbox and aid in hatching), good timing on my part! :)
9/24/03 I was lucky this morning to hear the baby hatching - so after they fed it (immediately), I lured out Scrambles with a small piece of millet, stuck my camera in, click click, and was done before anybody knew what was going on. Check out the picture on the current clutch page. It shows a baby cockatiel immediately after hatching.
9/28/03 I was very pleased this morning to open the nestbox and find little Pop Tart (#4) had hatched! I felt him/her moving around in the egg a few days ago, and Scrambles kept all her other chicks on that egg, so I knew she thought it was going to hatch. Good going Scrambles! Baby appears quite healthy and active.
9/30/03 I put on Trix's leg band today, and stupid me did it on the wrong foot!! Once these things are on, they are nearly impossible to get off. I made a valiant effort to correct it, but he's just going to be a unique bird. :) He was very active during the procedure, so he got turned around, and that's when I banded him. His eyes are open, and Fruit Loop's were nearly open today.
10/02/03 Fruit Loop was so big it was almost impossible to band him/her! Can you believe most places say to band a cockatiel at 10 days??
10/06/03 I've looked at them all, and have decided the babies are thus: Trix - normal grey, Fruit Loop - normal grey, Cocoa Puff - pearl (and thus female), Pop Tart - normal grey.
10/07/03 I started something called co-parenting today. I haven't done it before, but because every once in a while I get a clutch where the oldest is a week older than the youngest, I sometimes have trouble getting the oldest one to eat when the clutch is pulled. So I supplement the parents' feedings with one or two of my own feedings a day to get them used to me. I could also technically pull them later than two weeks using this technique, and have just as tame babies as if I'd pulled at two weeks. This clutch will still be pulled at two weeks.
10/08/03 What's strange is Trix has taken readily to being fed by both me and his parents, the others are confused. How backwards! :)
10/13/03 Pulled for handfeeding. Everybody looks like they're in good shape. Pop Tart is a glutton!!
10/15/03 Trix has discovered the joys of flapping. LOL, and now all the other babies are imitating Trix. Pine shavings everywhere! :)
10/18/03 Trix has been taken to three handfeedings a day.
10/19/03 Fruit Loop has been taken to three handfeedings a day.
10/21/03 Fruit Loop's first flight! Unfortunately, s/he isn't too good at landing yet... s/he ended up in the wastebasket. :) CP to three handfeedings.
10/22/03 Trix's first flight! Not too bad either, landed on top of the brooder. PT to three handfeedings.
10/23/03 The babies were all moved to a normal cage today.
10/25/03 Cocoa Puff's first flight! I also added Detour during the days to the cage, to show them how to eat.
10/26/03 Pop Tart's first flight! Trix and FL are getting pretty good at landing.
10/27/03 Trix to 2 handfeedings.
10/29/03 Fruit Loop to 2 handfeedings.
10/31/03 Cocoa Puff to 2 handfeedings.
11/01/03 Trix and FL each had a flight feather clipped. Pop Tart to 3 handfeedings. A little early, but s/he wasn't eating much of the middle meal, so I eliminanted it.
11/02/03 Trix and FL each had a flight feather clipped.
11/03/03 Cocoa Puff had something stuck under her third eyelid, so I took her to the avian vet today. He pulled out a rather large chunk of we-don't-know-what, cleaned it out, and by the time we got home, it was as good as new! :) She has a bit of an infection from the chunk of whatever, so she's on antibiotics and eye drops. So whoever chooses CP has just gotten a free avian vet visit, and will receive her medical file to date.