Photo of bird cage    The cage on the top is the YML model 2484 cage. It is 30" long x 18" deep x 36" high. It has four feeder doors, and one main sliding door with another feeding door in it. It comes with three 36" wooden perches and four food bowls. I've seen them at bird shows for anywhere from $50-80. I bought mine online from Catalog City for $45. Here it is modeled by the lovely Pandora (wf lutino) and Etcetera (grey), soon to be joined by the babies, 2 female pearls and 2 unknown greys. It doesn't have as many toys as I want it to have yet, but you get the idea!

   YML's 30" long x 18" deep by 18" high cage is the lower cage in the photo. You could fit 3 birds into it comfortably. Right now Detour (grey) has it all to herself, at least until I put my breeding pair into it this afternoon and move her downstairs. :) She's not a social bird, preferring her own house, so she'll get one more suited for one cockatiel, and my pair can have a bigger house.