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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

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Current Clutch: Fruit Loop (Baby #2)


Fruit Loop
At 13 days. Fruit Loop reminds me of my Detour a lot. At 14 days. I just changed the nestbox, that's why there is pine on his/her back. At 18 days. Fruit Loop is growing into a little clone of Detour, I swear!
At 18 days. An aerial view in the brooder, first day away from parents. At 19 days. A nice side view of feather development. At 20 days. Pretty much the entire back is feathered now.
At 20 days. "Are you talkin' to me?" At 21 days. Don't you just love the single feather sticking straight up? At 22 days. FL is on the right, Trix on the left. They're learning to perch.
At 23 days. FL looks down from above at Trix, who would rather eat the perch. At 23 days. FL now perches easily on my finger. At 23 days. FL is on the left, with Trix on the right. They graduated to the top perch and are learning step-up.
At 24 days. FL is intensely interested in the camera, his/her one crest feather is sticking straight up. At 25 days. FL takes a nap in the brooder. At 26 days. The babies are weighed everyday before their first feeding.


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