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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

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Current Clutch: Cocoa Puff (Baby #3)


From the genetics of this clutch, all pearls (like Cocoa Puff) are guaranteed females.
Cocoa Puff
At 11 days. You can see how she's going to be a pearl. And look at that grin! At 13 days. She's tired after her feeding. At 15 days.
At 16 days. I love watching pearls develop. Look how bright the yellow is. At 17 days. At 17 days. Pin feathers everywhere!
At 18 days. Lots of yellow dots. At 19 days. Notice the pearling on the breast. At 20 days. She's sitting on my lap.
At 21 days. Standing in front of the practice perch. She doesn't seem to care for learning to perch. :) At 22 days. "I'll stand still, but that doesn't mean I've gotta like it!" At 23 days. In the brooder.
At 24 days. The babies are weighed every morning before their first feeding.    


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