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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

Have you visited the breeding journal page? It has information on the clutch setup date and more!

Current Clutch


I do refer to the babies with nicknames, instead of calling them Baby #1 and so forth constantly.
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Group Shots / Baby #1 (Trix) / Baby #2 (Fruit Loop) / Baby #3 (Cocoa Puff) / Baby #4 (Pop Tart)
Group Shots
Little Trix at 1 day old. See how I number all the eggs? Trix is on top, and that teeny wet thing is Fruit Loop, less than an hour after hatching. They dry in a few hours. Trix is the big fluff ball in the middle, Fruit Loop the one on bottom, and Cocoa Puff is barely visible at the top.
From the very left, clockwise: Fruit Loop (4 days), Trix (6 days), that big butt poking out is Cocoa Puff (4 days) and Pop Tart is at the bottom (day 1). From the very left, clockwise: Fruit Loop (5), the butt is again Cocoa Puff's (3), Trix (7), Pop Tart (1). The bottom one is Trix (9), the right one is Fruit Loop (7), and you can see Cocoa Puff's head (5) at the top. Pop Tart's (3) hidden, at the left.
Top to bottom: Trix (10), Fruit Loop (8), Cocoa Puff (6). Pop Tart (4) is hidden under Trix. Clockwise from left: Fruit Loop (9), Cocoa Puff (7), Trix (11). Pop Tart (5) is underneath them all because s/he must remain warmer than the others, being the youngest. Top: Fruit Loop (10), middle: Trix (12), right: Pop Tart (6), bottom: Cocoa Puff (8).
Clockwise from top: Cocoa Puff (9), Fruit Loop (11), Trix (13), Pop Tart (7) Clockwise from top: Trix (14), Pop Tart (8), Cocoa Puff (10), Fruit Loop (12).

We will have any bird DNA sexed for $25 additional.

Requested - someone has expressed an interest in this bird and an appointment has been made; sale pending
Reserved - a deposit has been given; the bird is no longer for sale
Sold - the bird's full price has been made, or the bird is at its new home