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   This is our main page for website design.

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Web Design  


   Until recently, we had a separate web design business. As the flock grew and graduation neared, I had to give it up. However, now I have the time required to get back into it!

   Why have a website? It shows your visitors what your facilities look like, what birds you have available, and a lot of other information that potential customers can retrieve easily and quickly. A poorly designed website creates a bad impression, and visitors may go for your competitor, who may or may not have better birds, but certainly has a better website!

   Below, you will see several types of webpages that can be created for you. These are not the only designs I can create. The most professional simple designs are listed. I can do JavaScript and CGI as well, for additional cost. Any colors can be changed, any graphics can be added. To save you money, I can do a basic outline that includes all the pages you need and graphics, and you merely fill in the content you desire. Click on any image to get a larger view.

Example1 Example2
Example3 Example3

We can do any number of colors or combinations!

Commercial websites$15-20 an hour, including graphics
CGI and JavaScript$20 an hour, plus the cost of scripts (if any)

   Prices do not include any web hosting or domain registration. Free web hosting can be found at Virtual Avenue. The difference in the cost per hour depends upon the complexity of the design. All examples on this page are $15 an hour. Graphics take the majority of my time. All pages are done by hand in notepad. I speak fluent HTML. :) Your webpage will be tested on Internet Explorer and Navigator to ensure compatibility.

   In addition to taking cash, paypal, or money orders, I accept trades. Birds and/or their equipment is always welcomed. Currently, I am looking for: a male canary and its accessories, parrotlets, rare tiel mutations. If you had something else in mind, it's entirely possible that I will take it. I'm very easy to work with. All birds are expected to be in good health, all equipment in good condition. If you are too far for me to pick up a trade, and are unwilling to pay for shipping, you must pay with money.

   If you're interested in having a professional website, e-mail Susan.