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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

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Current Clutch: Pop Tart (Baby #4)


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Pop Tart - I went home with Marcia!
At 9 days. This photo makes PT look like a vulture, but PT is really cute. At 9 days. An attempt to show how PT is not vulture-like. ;) At 10 days, sleeping.
At 13 days. At 13 days. At 14 days. I love his/her spiky 'do.
At 14 days. PT still has a lot of baby fluff. At 14 days. PT knows it's about time for a feeding! At 16 days. So cute!!
At 18 days. PT looks around while learning to perch. At 19 days. PT peers around the corner of the practice perch. At 20 days. When that crest stands up, it looks like a bad 80s hairdo. :)
At 20 days. See what I mean? At 22 days. The babies are weighed every morning before their first feeding. At 24 days. Little bugger wouldn't hold still and I had to use the flash. :)
At 25 days. Pop Tart wanders around. Probably looking for more food. ;) At 27 days. "Come on, mom, isn't it time for snuggles yet??" At 28 days. "Where'd the food go?"
At 31 days. Awwwwww!! At 37 days. Surveying the surroundings. At 37 days. On the table with the other babies.
At 37 days. At 37 days. "You know I'm adorable!"  


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