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   Enjoy our photo album! Just click on any picture to see a larger sized image. We constantly add new photos!

Breeder Photo Album    


   These are our current and future breeders. The parents of the current clutch are listed on the breeding journal page.

   Captain is a 5 year old normal grey split pearl cockatiel. He is a solid 100 grams, and a very beautiful bird.

   Scrambles is a 5 year old normal grey cockatiel. She is a very small bird, usually weighing about 78 grams. She is an excellent mother.

   Etcetera is a chick from Captain and Scrambles. She is an exceptionally gorgeous cockatiel. She and Darwin will be set up again, possibly in December.

   Darwin is a whiteface split cinnamon/pearl/lutino/yellowcheek. When bred with a grey, he'll produce cinnamons, pearls, lutinos, and yellowcheeks. He was purchased from a breeder in Michigan. He is an extremely good whistler and he talks as well. His current mate is Etcetera.